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This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a NCAA Final Four screening event at Nike’s Masaryk gym in the LES of New York City thanks in part to Nike NYC. I must say it was an amazing and surreal space. Every inch and speckle of paint exuded sport and motivation. At one point in between the two games and at each half time I had urges and wishes a quick little pickup game would pop off but no such thing happened. If you get the chance to visit Masaryk it’s beyond worth it.









This pair of NikeID’s I made basically comes from the original phrase used to describe sneakers, which was plain and simple “Tennis Shoes.” So I mocked up these Nike LunarGlide 3’s in an tonal Volt colorway with grey accents and a light vivid blue on the sole, a slight nod to the US Open. The other part of the inspiration came from the Flock Of Seagulls song and artwork since these are running sneakers.





When it comes to sneakers and footwear we all have our favorite “Ride Or Die” pairs that we wear on a consistent basis. Going into making this pair of Bespoke Air Force One’s I was inspired by the few days leading up to the appointment. This bespoke was inspired by the Jordan 3 black/cement and the Jordan 11 “Spacejam” which are the two pairs I wear consistently no matter what, whether it’s to chill, run errands or party. The sunglasses and Advil part was inspired by the EPIC Nigel Sylvester Birthday party at the penthouse of Hotel on Rivington NYC which gave me the only headache/hangover the next morning which inspired the use of cement print symbolizing the head crack I had. Now I’m adding this pair to my “Ride or Die” pairs.

A few Pictures of the madness that was Nigel Sylvester’s birthday party. A definite “Sunglasses And Advil” kind of night.



As a “sneakerhead” custom making a pair of sneakers with the materials and colors of your choosing is a dream, so as a birthday gift I decided to indulge in the Nike AF1 Bespoke program. I decided to go with a colorway that reminded me of a Hawaiian sunset and also the Nike Air Yeezy tan colorway. The amazing Iz at 21 Mercer helped with the whole process and helped make this sneaker a reality he also sketched a quick AF1 along with the colors and materials in a “blueprint” style. The end result is this.

I got these new Nike Free Run2’s in a few weeks back, another birthday gift, and have been thoroughly hooked on them. These sneakers are incredibly comfortable and the fact that I chose the colorway myself may add to my love of them. The colorway I chose was based off the movie “Tron Legacy” and the suits they wear in that movie. Thankfully this sneaker’s design lent itself to look pretty similar to the outfits in the movie. Also, since I received these I’ve been hooked on running with the Nike Plus app for the iPhone. If you get a chance these are a great pickup for either a casual sneaker or workout sneaker. Very thankful for these sneakers.

Last month for my birthday I was taken to Nike’s 21 Mercer shop for an ID session as a birthday present from Joci. I have a huge obsession with suede and especially grey suede. The bye product of this birthday trip and present was these tonal grey suede Nike Air Force 1 with a teal leather tongue and gum outsole. My goal was to keep it simple and clean with a subtle pop of color. I’m very thankful to Joci for the birthday gift and the crew at 21 Mercer for being so helpful while I made these.