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When it comes to sneakers and footwear we all have our favorite “Ride Or Die” pairs that we wear on a consistent basis. Going into making this pair of Bespoke Air Force One’s I was inspired by the few days leading up to the appointment. This bespoke was inspired by the Jordan 3 black/cement and the Jordan 11 “Spacejam” which are the two pairs I wear consistently no matter what, whether it’s to chill, run errands or party. The sunglasses and Advil part was inspired by the EPIC Nigel Sylvester Birthday party at the penthouse of Hotel on Rivington NYC which gave me the only headache/hangover the next morning which inspired the use of cement print symbolizing the head crack I had. Now I’m adding this pair to my “Ride or Die” pairs.

A few Pictures of the madness that was Nigel Sylvester’s birthday party. A definite “Sunglasses And Advil” kind of night.



As a “sneakerhead” custom making a pair of sneakers with the materials and colors of your choosing is a dream, so as a birthday gift I decided to indulge in the Nike AF1 Bespoke program. I decided to go with a colorway that reminded me of a Hawaiian sunset and also the Nike Air Yeezy tan colorway. The amazing Iz at 21 Mercer helped with the whole process and helped make this sneaker a reality he also sketched a quick AF1 along with the colors and materials in a “blueprint” style. The end result is this.

I picked up this pretty dope and super useful Nike Sportswear USB “Always On” bracelet. The bracelet comes preloaded with a short video of Team Nike’s basketball team and the MP3 of Team Nike’s Anthem by Vado titled “Always On”. Check for these at your local Nike Sportswear store, dealer, or even the Nike Ice Cream Truck that’s driving around NYC. The USB comes with 2GB worth of space which is super useful for anyone and any work.









Been a little lazy in writing this and putting it up, bur earlier this year around January I had the opportunity to customize/bespoke a Nike Destroyer jacket at Bowery Stadium. I had a vague but general theme for the jacket which was if an Ivy League college had a sponsored bike gang, a Harvard “Hell’s Angels” of sorts. Against my plethora of options I went with a Red,White, & Blue color theme. I was helped by Trent and Jack of Stadium MFG. who helped bring my idea and concept to life in the physical form. The team at Bowery stadium is super friendly and greatly helpful. The words “In Search Of” make their way onto the back of the jacket sort of symbolizing a motto, Open ended questions for an open ended life. We are all “In Search Of” something.