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Jake Davis hooks up with ASAP Rocky in a “Screen Test” version of his Test Shot series. Not much to say here other than watch it. It’s simple, clean, and dope.

I can’t say enough good things about this little vignette. I’m a fan of what both gentlemen do.First Jake Davis has a great eye for visual style and for displaying that and second Mark McNairy makes some of my favorite pieces of menswear. Visual Poetry.

Last week director Jake Davis held the opening to his exhibit “New York Made Us This Way” at Nepenthes NYC. I’m a pretty big fan of how he captures style in short minute long vignettes and I was available so I swung by. Plenty of style and beautiful people were in the house. Took a few pics of the overall vibe and atmosphere. If your around don’t miss out and stop by Nepenthes check out the exhibit and the fine items they have for sale there.

First two images courtesy of Jake Davis’ twitter @jakedavisfilms

Jake Davis a wonderfully talented director made a 3 piece of stunning visuals for K-Swiss’s “California Running” collection. It’s hard not to enjoy the videos from the editing, to the clothes, to the women it’s all pretty damn captivating.