A few weeks back a few buddies and I got together on a Monday to unwind for no reason other than to fuck around. We started the night off at this Mexican bar/restaurant that offered $3 margaritas all night long where Joci was unwillingly entered into a Strut & vogue contest. Although she didn’t win she did win 3 free shots SCORE! We moved on to “Playlist Mondays” at Panda where for 2 half hour spurts they offered free whiskey or vodka drinks while you fought to play the music from your iPod/phone. Fun times, met a guy that we kept saying had AIDS, he didn’t deny it so that made for comedy. After that moved on to Painkiller had a few tiki drinks may or may not have gotten a little rowdy and started a ice fight. All in all a great night with better people. I live for these nights haha they help to beat away the stresses of the NYC grind.