This past weekend after about a 3 month long stretch of eating Ceviche at about 20 different places decided to try my hand at the homemade kind. Went to Whole Foods and rounded up all the ingredients needed after googling a Ceviche recipe I decided to combine mexican style with a summer citrus. Bought about 1/4 pound of catfish, 1/4 pound of scallops, and a 1/2 pound of shrimp. Mixed in some avocado, tomato, onions, 3 limes, and 1 lemon with a hint of orange juice and a dash of tobassco. Than sliced up the seafood and let it “cook” in the citrus acids of the lemon & limes for about 2 hours. In the end paired it with some prosciutto and Brie like cheese. Safe to say it made for a perfect lazy Sunday paired with some NBA games. Also, the ceviche tasted just a tad bit better the day after as it had a chance to “cook” longer overnight.

20110607-032848.jpg 20110607-032951.jpg